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I recently completed my bachelor’s degree in International Economic Development, Faculty of Economics and Business, and I am delighted and grateful to God for allowing me to pursue this degree. I am happy as it marks an important turning point in my life and my goal of pursuing a great and prestigious career. I opted to study at Universitas Syiah Kuala not only because of the institution’s reputation, but also because of the positive picture of the school that was presented to me by a friend who had previously studied at the university. I also chose to study at the university because it provided me with the opportunity to pursue my dream of studying overseas in my nation without incurring significant financial costs since I was awarded a scholarship.

My decision to study at Universitas Syiah Kuala was not regretted because I was provided with one of the best learning environments and facilities available. This encouraged me to work harder because lecturers and fellow local students were always willing to lend a helping hand, especially during my first few days in Aceh. It would have been difficult, if not impossible, for me to adjust to my new environment and begin engaging fully and actively in class without the assistance and support of the lecturers and my fellow local students. Since the beginning of my studies, learning the Indonesian language and diverse traditions, such as greeting and how to address elders (lecturers), has been one of the things that have kept everything fascinating and exciting.

With my teachers’ continuous advice and support, I became aware of the need of working hard to achieve excellent results. This allowed me to avoid having to retake any subjects, and I was finally able to finish all of my subjects fast and focus on writing my thesis. Having saved myself enough time, I was able to write my research proposal without rushing and finish it on time. I completed my bachelor’s program in 3 years and 10 days, thanks to the support and encouragement of my lecturers. This is impressive and makes me very happy; however, every accomplishment comes with some difficulties, and my case was no exception.

One significant challenge I encountered while writing my thesis was obtaining sufficient literature and data on the topic, but fortunately, this was quickly addressed with the assistance of my supervisor.

My immediate plans are to further my career development by pursuing a master’s degree to better equip myself with better and more modern knowledge to serve my country in its development process.

Finally, studying in Aceh has been an honor for me since I was able to learn so much not just in the classroom but also about social life in general. The Indonesian language is the most important new thing I have learned (still learning though). I’m proud and glad to be able to interact with people who would otherwise be unable to do so because they do not speak English.